Viñales: an earthly paradise.

Viñales is located in the center of the Pinar del Río province, just 178 km from Havana, three hours by taxi. Its extension is 692km2 and 28,938 inhabitants. Most of its inhabitants are engaged in agriculture, mainly tobacco cultivation, and international tourism activities.

The landscape of Viñales is distinguished from all the others in Cuba, as it is made up of intramontane valleys and elevations of limestone and black rocks called mogotes, which are almost vertical and with a rounded top, covered by vegetation that grows mainly on rocks, a very peculiar feature of these mountains.

Why Viñales?

The origin of the name of Viñales is nowadays a little doubtful. Some studies indicate that it was taken for the presence of abundant vineyards in the region; Others consider that his name is related to the surname of a Spanish family who lived in the region and contributed to its agricultural development. However, it is known that this town was founded on January 1, 1879 and that its population before its foundation was mainly made up of Canary immigrants who dedicated themselves to the cultivation of tobacco.

The National Commission of Monuments declared Viñales in 1979 "National Monument" given its cultural development, and in the last decades for its growing tourist development closely linked to all cultural manifestations. The Viñales valley was declared a National Park and Protected Area of Cuba in 1999. In December 1999, Unesco declared Viñales in 1999 as "Cultural Heritage of Humanity" in the category of Cultural Landscape

Viñales is currently an important tourist center and has the highest demand for international tourism in the Pinar del Río province. Tens of thousands visitors from all over the world manage a stay for several days, because here they have the possibility to enjoy unforgettable experiences in every corner of the region.

On what date should I go to Viñales?

The Viñales region is characterized by having a microclimate due to the location of the city in the same valley of the same name. Summer here is not as hot as in other Cuban regions and thousands of tourists from all over the world plan a stay of several days in one of its four international hotels or in one of the region's private homes. The hotels are: Los Jazmines Hotel, La Ermita Hotel, Rancho San Vicente Hotel (all 3 stars) and Central Viñales Hotel, located in the center of town, in front of Viñales square.

In Viñales there are around 800 private houses, with more than 1,500 rooms available to both national and international vacationers. This great availability of accommodation in private homes with excellent rooms, such as those offered at the Óscar House, allows thousands of tourists to enjoy the beauty of the region and the different services provided in order to develop various experiences. , such as excursions to the different tourist and cultural institutions of the region, walks through the different valleys, for example to the Valle del silencio, Valle Palmario, etc. You can also go horseback riding through these and other valleys, climbing in the mogotes of the region, bicycles, horse carriage tours, etc. There is something for everyone. The best time to come to Viñales is between October and June.

In Cuba there is no other more beautiful landscape region than that of Viñales, and that is why thousands of tourists come mainly from Havana and stay in Viñales for 3 or 4 nights. Others prefer to do a day trip, with a round trip in a taxi for € 160.

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