The viewpoints in the Viñales Valley

One of the most beautiful landscapes in Cuba is the Viñales' Valley. Along with its beauty, the conservation of its flora and fauna and the agroecological development of its tobacco tradition in the region contributed to the fact that in 1979 it was declared a National Monument, and in 1999 it received from Unesco the status of World Cultural Heritage.

The Viñales' Valley is extensive and wide. It can be seen from various points where important viewpoints have been built in order to provide visitors with the most beautiful views. From here it is also possible to appreciate the contrast of the intense green of its flora with the dark red of its productive lands. Each viewpoint has its own charm and offers the traveler a different landscape of the Viñales valley.

The viewpoint at the Los Jazmines hotel.

The most highly visited and famous viewpoint in the world is the one located at the Los Jazmines hotel. Here you get a privileged view of the valley and the Sierra de los Órganos, where the mogotes are located. There are also small peasant houses, rustic houses with plank walls and guano ceilings from the royal palm. The constructive form of these houses is protected by law, it cannot be altered since these houses are part of the cultural heritage of the region's landscape. It is one of the landscape values that visitors from all over the world appreciate most.

These small houses are surrounded by tobacco plantations, mainly from November to May, the date in which the process of growing the plants and collecting the leaves takes place, which is processed in the drying houses or tobacco houses during the next months. These drying rooms also embellish the landscape of the valley from the viewpoint at the Los Jazmines hotel. From the Óscar' house, you can make excursions, walks, and horseback riding to this valley, called by many tourists as Viñales National Park valley.

The viewpoint of the Valley.

Another very visited viewpoint and where you can see the Viñales valley from another angle is the one located on the site called Vista al Valle. It is a private ranch where a terrace was built and it is possible to have much more personal proximity to the mogotes of the Sierra de los Órganos.

From this viewpoint, it is also possible to see the famous aquatic community in the distance, which is part of the history of the region and the province of Pinar del Río, since a peasant woman who became a legend lived there, as it is said who came to have the gift of curing diseases with only holy water. Antoñica Izquierdo was her name and a film called Los Días del Agua was filmed around her figure and legend, released in July 1971 with the script and direction of Manuel Octavio Gómez. Here many tourists have the possibility of developing film tourism. The Vista al Valle viewpoint is a starting or finishing point for these tourists. A house managed by ViñalesRent with characteristics very similar to a peasant home where clients feel very good is Cabaña Dayán located in the Colchonera neighborhood. From here tourists can make an excursion to this viewpoint walking through the Palmarito valley.  

The Raices viewpoint.

Another viewpoint that impresses tourists is found in the private cultural project called Raices. Here visitors have the opportunity to appreciate different sculptures of great quality and achieved with the treatment of wood, mainly from the roots of the mangroves that grow on the coasts, as well as other wild trees. The beautiful sculptural works impress the visitor for their success in their conception and in the transmission of their messages. Given the characteristics of his works, the artist Noel has named his project Raices.

At a height of 50 meters, the artist also built a viewpoint of the valley, with an excellent terrace and where the visitor manages to delight in incredible natural beauty. A really beautiful landscape is observed, with a very unique view of the Viñales valley, very little known by the thousands of tourists who come to the city every season. Here the tourist finds tranquility and peace, it is a true earthly paradise. For many of our clients, it is the preferred viewpoint. A house with excellent conditions is the Villa Cattleya house, from here you can make an unforgettable excursion to Noel's house and its viewpoint.

With ViñalesRent you have the possibility that you can also visit these different viewpoints. Discover with us this wonder of nature in Viñales. We will wait for you!