The valleys of Viñales

Viñales is known throughout the world for its beautiful valley, but Viñales is more than a valley, it is a region with a rich culture. The beauty of the place attracts the attention of many tourists and offers the opportunity to discover the famous mogotes and its wonderful valleys.

What are the Viñales’ valleys?

In the Viñales region, there are many and different valleys and in each of them, the visitor finds the opportunity to enjoy unique and unrepeatable experiences.

Valle Palmarito in Viñales. Bernardo and Belkis House.

One of them is the Palmarito Valley, where the traveler can take an extensive walk along flat and mountainous trails, as well as visiting more than one cave. In this valley there is also the possibility of horseback riding with a specialized guide.

To get to know the Palmarito valley, ViñalesRent offers its clients Bernardo and Belkis' house as its main lodging, since this house has excellent conditions and a perfect location. It is located at the entrance of the Palmarito valley. From its terrace, it is possible to recreate the excellent views of this valley.

Valley National Park. Oscar House

Another house highly demanded by tourists from all over the world is the Óscar House, which is located in a privileged area, because a few minutes northbound you reach the city center and its main tourist and cultural attractions. From this house and heading south you can enjoy the incredible view of the Viñales National Park, but from another angle, very different from that seen in the Los Jazmines hotel viewpoint.

Dos Hermanas Valley. Las Jimaguas House

Another valley that attracts the attention of thousands of people is the Dos Hermanas valley, where the Pita mogote is located, on whose flat wall the artistic work called Mural de la Prehistoria was painted in the sixties. A house with excellent conditions for the accommodation of our clients is the Las Jimaguas house, which is very well located and from it you can hike and ride to the Dos Hermanas valley and to the mogotes that structure the Sierra de los Órganos.

Valley of Silence. Mayra House, La Bodeguera

Another highly visited valley is the Valley of Silence. It is one of the largest valleys in the region and where the traveller can enjoy various experiences (trekking or horseback riding) with a specialized guide who speaks your language, or alone. In this valley, visitors can also enjoy a refreshing dip in a small lake.

In this valley, there is the possibility of visiting an agro-ecological tobacco farm and observing how the different phases of the tobacco process develop: planting, harvesting and manufacturing a cigar. For free you can taste a Montecristo 4 Havana cigar. And if the tourist wishes, they can also make their own cigar, with the help and guidance of a specialized farmer.

Our cos can also visit a coffee farm and observe how the different processes in the coffee plantations take place until they enjoy an exquisite cup of coffee. In Valle del Silencio, vacationers can discover the endemic flora and fauna of Viñales. In this area, ViñalesRent also has many houses to rent an excellent air-conditioned room for one or more nights. One of them is the Casa de Mayra la Bodeguera, with an excellent location in the valley and optimal conditions.

The Viñales valleys are numerous and different, but all guarantee a pleasant and unforgettable stay. Our houses offer you excellent conditions. We will wait for you.


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