The mogotes of Viñales

The Cordillera de los Órganos is the westernmost mountain range in Cuba and has an approximate extension of 130 km. It extends from Paso Real de San Diego, and passing through Viñales, to Guane, in the west of the country. It is an atypical mountain range and is distinguished from the rest of the mountain ranges in the center and east of the country, because in it a very particular form of mountains has developed over millions of years, with incredible and always surprising nature. This structure of the mountain range attracts the attention of the largest number of visitors who prefer nature and ecological tourism in the region.

Viñales National Park

The uniqueness of the nature of the Cordillera de los Órganos in the north-central province of Pinar del Río, in the Viñales region, motivates thousands of tourists, both national and foreign, to visit the Cuban west in order to enjoy the different shades of the green color of its valleys, contrasting with the deep red of the land. In Viñales National Park the visitor finds a landscape that has no comparison and that is not repeated in any other Cuban region.

From the viewpoint of the Los Jazmines hotel the traveler has the possibility of observing a singular valley, which extends over 10 km long and more than 4 km wide. It is a valley surrounded by small and medium elevations that are rarely found in isolation. In the distance the valley presents a much more compact vegetation, formed by a set of mountain ranges, with almost totally vertical slopes. These small mountains are called mogotes.

The uniqueness of the mogotes of Viñales

The mogotes of Viñales are made up of limestone rocks, the oldest in the archipelago, more than 120 million years old and in which innumerable caves are found, originated by the action of rivers and groundwater. They are unique in Cuba and constitute the maximum attraction for tourists. These elevations are characterized by having a rounded structure, similar to that of a tower, with a height that can exceed 100 meters, and with a diameter that varies between 10 and 200 meters.

The mogotes are grouped in such a way that it is difficult to distinguish one mogote from the other, and on many occasions they resemble human or animal figures.

In Viñales there are very famous mogotes, such as the mogote called Pita where the well-known Mural of Prehistory is located. This artistic work painted on the wall of this mogote has a height of 120 meters and a width of 80 meters. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the region.

Another mogote that draws much attention from visitors is the so-called mogote Coco Solo. Its name is due to its shape and the place where it is located. This small mogote is atypical and is located on the left when traveling on the road to the cemetery.

Are the mogotes of Viñales the most beautiful?

Not in all countries and mountain ranges are mogotes. In Cuba they only exist in Viñales, but they are also found in a few other countries such as Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Asian peninsula of Málaca, the Chinese region of Kuangsi, and Vietnam. In the opinion of some tourists who have already had the opportunity to visit some of these karst formations in other countries, the mogotes of Viñales are some of the most beautiful in the world.

This wonderful landscape also contributed to Viñales being declared by Unesco Cultural Landscape of Humanity in 1999.

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